The Seattle HEMPFEST® Protestival is the world’s largest annual cannabis protest rally. Celebrating its 24th anniversary, Seattle Hempfest features six stages of music, world renowned speakers, hundreds of food, arts, crafts and political booths.

Friday 8-14-2015 Saturday 8-15-2015 Sunday 8-16-2015
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
11:00am House Music 11:00am House Music
11:35am Gaston Durana / Mike Bifari 11:35am Jeremy Daw
11:40am Martin Martinez 11:40am Boris Budd and Scott Greene
11:45am Jedidiah Haney 11:45am Urb Thrasher
11:50am Marcie Cooper 11:50am Sierra Riddle
Noon Park Opens
National Anthem
Noon Tetrabox Noon Ison
12:35pm Elvy Musikka 12:35pm Patrick Seifert 12:35pm David Rheins
12:40pm Keith Saunders 12:40pm Dr. Sue Sisley 12:40pm Dr. Jake Felice
12:45pm Lori Duckworth 12:45pm Yamileth Bolanos 12:45pm Trista Okel
12:50pm Danielle Rosellison 12:50pm Cyd Maurer 12:50pm Lindsey Rinehart
1:00pm The Wiley Ones 1:00pm Breaks and Swells 1:00pm Rik Wright
1:35pm John Conroy 1:35pm Martin Lee 1:35pm Dr. David Bearman
1:40pm Jeremy Moberg 1:40pm Rene Adams 1:40pm Patrick Seifert
1:45pm Vicca Thompson 1:45pm Allison Bigelow 1:45pm Courtney Moran
1:50pm Jeff Steinborn 1:50pm Ernie Cefalu 1:50pm Jeff Church “Cannabis Reverend”
2:00pm Kimberly Nicole 2:00pm The High Council 2:00pm City Walls
2:35pm Ben Droz 2:35pm Sebastian DeRosia 2:35pm Farmer Tom Lauerman
2:40pm Robert C. Clarke 2:40pm Jorge Cervantes 2:40pm David Nott
2:45pm Brandon Krenzler 2:45pm Dave Seber 2:45pm Russ Belville
2:50pm Ed Rosenthal 2:50pm Stephanie Viskovich 2:50pm Shawn Denae
3:00pm Neal Storme’s Amazing Friends 3:00pm Jessica Domingo 3:00pm The Herbivores
3:35pm Paul Stanford 3:35pm Pete Holmes 3:35pm Richard Lee
3:40pm Chris Conrad 3:40pm Keith Stroup 3:40pm Ann Lee
3:45pm Mikki Norris 3:45pm Charlo Greene 3:45pm Douglas Hiatt
3:50pm Vivian McPeak 3:50pm Vivian McPeak 3:50pm Vivian McPeak
4:00pm The Wyldz 4:00pm Girl On Fire 4:00pm Lotus Crush
4:35pm Congressman Dana Rohrabacher 4:35pm Joy Beckerman 4:35pm Rick Cusick
4:40pm Ed Forchion “NJWeedman” 4:40pm Jerry Whiting
4:45pm Ah Warner 4:45pm Alison Holcomb 4:45pm AC Braddock
4:50pm William Panzer 4:50pm DJ Short 4:50pm Michael Krawitz
5:00pm Trita 5:00pm Menace 5:00pm Cartoon
5:35pm Lisa Herbold 5:35pm Madeline Martinez 5:35pm Ngaio Bealum
5:40pm Dr. Sue Sisley 5:40pm Wes Abney 5:40pm John Davis
5:45pm Kurt Boehl 5:45pm Joel Stanley 5:45pm Aaron Pellley
5:50pm Suny Cheba 5:50pm Don E. Wirtshafter 5:50pm Kari Boiter
5:55pm Taylor MDNA 6:00pm Northern Shakedown 6:00pm VoxMirage
6:35pm Anthony Johnson 6:35pm Kyle Kushman 6:35pm Doug McVay
6:40pm Greta Carter 6:40pm Lee Berger 6:40pm Magic Black
6:45pm Ben Livingston 6:45pm Rep. Roger Goodman 6:45pm Dale Rogers
6:50pm Cyril Bouanna 6:50pm Danica Noble 6:50pm Sharon Whitson
7:00pm Upwell
7:00pm SL51 7:00pm Randy Hansen
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes
Friday 8-14-2015 Saturday 8-15-2015 Sunday 8-16-2015
10:00am Hempfest Opens 10:00am Hempfest Opens
11:00-11:45am Panel: Cannabigotry – We legalized, why are we still fighting?
Moderator: Dominic Corva
Leland Berger, Alison Holcomb, Stephanie Viskovich, Charlo Greene, Cyd Maurer
10:45-11:30am Panel: Medicinal, Recreational and Spiritual Use – Can they co-exist?
Moderator: Don E. Wirtshafter
Gloria Kalteich, Doug McVay, Keith Stroup, Vivian McPeak, Allison Bigelow, NJWeedman
11:50-12:35pm Panel: Hemp on the Horizon – Latest developments
Moderator: Don E. Wirtshafter
Joy Beckerman, Dave Seber, Courtney Moran, Ben Droz
11:35-12:15pm Panel: World Domination – Legalization on a global scale
Moderator: Don E. Wirtshafter
John Conroy, Michael Krawitz, Gaston Durana, Mike Bifari
Noon Hempfest Opens
12:30- 1:15pm Demostration: No Solvents Needed: How to safely produce rosin and hash
Jeff Church “Cannabis Reverend”
12:40-1:25pm A Conversation with Dr. Lester Grinspoon (via Skype)
Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, renowned author and expert on drugs and drug policy.
12:20- 12:50pm Harm Reduction, the LEAD Program, and Authentic Community Development
Moderator: Don E. Wirtshafter
Jim Pugel, Chief Deputy King County Sheriff; Liz Campbell, President Belltown Community Council
12:55-1:40pm The Cutting Edge of Cannabis: From terpenes to topicals
Moderator: Don E. Wirtshafter
Ah Warner, Alison Draisin, Sebastian DeRosia, Mowgli Holmes, Wes Abney
1:20- 1:50pm Ernie Cefalu Presents – World renowned artist, famous for iconic album covers; curator of 1:30-2:15pm Panel: A Brave New World – Medical Research and Emerging Treatments
Moderator: Philippe Lucas
Dr. David Bearman, Joel Stanley, Marcie Cooper, Dr. Jake Felice, Dr. Michelle Sexton
1:40-2:10pm Ngaio Bealum Comedy Show!
Cannabis comedian and columnist for the Sacramento News & Review, Ngaio Bealum
1:55- 2:40pm Panel: Cannabusiness – Promises and challenges Moderator: Julie Weed
AC Braddock, Todd Arkley, Danielle Rosellison, Greta Carter, Shawn Denae.
2:20-2:55pm Workshop: Breeding and Cultivation: – Tips from the Pros
Moderator: Philippe Lucas
Jorge Cervantes, Kyle Kushman, Stinkbud, Kevin Jodrey
2:15-2:55pm Panel: Family Matters: What about the children?
Moderator: Don E. Wirtshafter
Meagan Holt, Brandon Krenzler, Vicca Thompson, Sierra Riddle
2:45- 3:30pm Panel: Silently Suffering – Protecting and serving our nation’s heroes
Moderator: Kari Boiter
Dr. Sue Sisley, Patrick Seifert, Michael Krawitz, Karl Keich
3:00-3:45pm Panel: Securing the Rights to Genetics for All – What strains will be left in the future?
Moderator: Philippe Lucas
DJ Short, Suny Cheba, Jerry Whiting, Robert C. Clarke, Mowgli Holmes
3:00-3:45pm Panel: The State of the State: Legalization and medical marijuana in Washington State
Moderator: Don E. Wirtshafter
Kari Boiter, Dr. Dominic Corva, John Davis, Kevin Oliver, Rachel Kurtz
3:35-4:20pm Panel: Legal Advice: From trademarks to traffic stops
Moderator: Don E. Wirtshafter
Aaron Pelley, Douglas Hiatt, Neil Juneja, Jeffrey Steinborn, Kurt Boehl
4:00pm Black Giraffe 4:00pm Tommy G. from the 509
5:00pm Pico Blvd 5:00pm Direct Divide
6:00pm Craig John Davidson 6:00pm Pretty Gritty
7:00pm Speakers Social 7:00pm Ison 7:00pm Boris Budd
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes
8:00pm- 12:00am Membership VIP Party
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Friday 8-14-2015 Saturday 8-15-2015 Sunday 8-16-2015
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
11:00am Tribal Voices 11:00am Tribal Voices
11:45am DeMaris Strom Hughes 11:45am Joanna McKee
11:50pm  Meagan Holt 11:50am
11:55pm  Alison Draisin 11:55am Ben Droz
Noon Park Opens – House Music Noon Trita Noon Martians on Maui
12:35pm 12:35pm Jeremy Daw 12:35pm Marcie Cooper
12:40pm Gloria Kalteich 12:40pm Jeremy Moberg 12:40pm
12:45pm 12:45pm Melissa Hysom 12:45pm Elvy Musikka
12:50pm Michael Scott 12:50pm William Panzer 12:50pm Todd Arkley
1:00pm Jim Page 1:00pm Benjamin Kemp 1:00pm Aline Vida
1:35pm 1:35pm Sierra Riddle 1:35pm Roger Tilton
1:40pm Martin Martinez 1:40pm David Nott 1:40pm Jedidiah Haney
1:45pm Martin Lee 1:45pm Farmer Tom Lauerman 1:45pm Neil Juneja
1:50pm  Doug McVay 1:50pm John Conroy 1:50pm Rachel Kurtz
2:00pm The People Now 2:00pm Crossroads Exchange 2:00pm Tae Phoenix
2:35pm Lisa Herbold 2:35pm Jeff Church “Cannabis Reverend” 2:35pm Anthony Johnson
2:40pm Jorge Cervantes 2:40pm Greta Carter 2:40pm Cyd Maurer
2:45pm Danica Noble 2:45pm Richard Lee 2:45pm Keith Saunders
2:50pm Liz Campbell 2:50pm Ann Lee 2:50pm Robert C. Clarke
3:00pm Monster Creep 3:00pm Michele D’Amour and the Love Dealers 3:00pm Jessica Domingo
3:35pm  Trista Okel 3:35pm Russ Belville 3:35pm Mowgli Holmes
3:40pm Lindsey Rinehart 3:40pm Rene Adams 3:40pm Ben Livingston
3:45pm Urb Thrasher 3:45pm Rep. Roger Goodman 3:45pm Paul Stanford
3:50pm Lee Berger 3:50pm AC Braddock 3:50pm Stephanie Viskovich
3:55pm Wes Abney 3:55pm Jeff Steinborn 3:55pm Michael Krawitz
4:00pm Keith Stroup 4:00pm Rolland Gregg 4:00pm Chris Conrad
4:05pm Ngaio Bealum 4:05pm Ah Warner 4:05pm Mikki Norris
4:10pm Joy Beckerman 4:10pm Rick Cusick 4:10pm Charlo Greene
4:20pm Tetrabox 4:20pm Whiskey N’ Rye 4:20pm Weatherside Whiskey Band
4:55pm David Rheins 4:55pm Douglas Hiatt 4:55pm Madeline Martinez
5:00pm DJ Short 5:00pm John Davis 5:00pm Sharon Whitson
5:05pm Yamileth Bolanos 5:05pm Ed Rosenthal 5:05pm Cyril Bouanna
5:10pm Africa Violeta 5:10pm Mary McPage & The Assassins 5:10pm Don’t Move
5:40pm Jerry Whiting 5:40pm Shawn Denae 5:40pm Kyle Kushman
5:45pm  Dale Rogers 5:45pm Crystal Oliver 5:45pm Alison Drasin
5:50pm Courtney Moran 5:50pm Kevin Oliver 5:50pm Kat Bohnsack
6:00pm Cheatin’ River 6:00pm Tommy G. from the 509 6:00pm Devil’s Hunt Me Down
6:35pm Martin Nickerson 6:35pm Patrick Seifert 6:35pm Kristen Flor
6:40pm Shilo Murphy 6:40pm Dr. Sue Sisley 6:40pm Lori Duckworth
6:45pm Adela Falk Wisdom 6:45pm Casper Leitch 6:45pm Brandon Krenzler
6:50pm Jared Allaway 6:50pm Stinkbud 6:50pm Vicca Thompson
7:00pm We Are Brothers 7:00pm Under the Lake 7:00pm Device Grips
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes
Friday 8-14-2015 Saturday 8-15-2015 Sunday 8-16-2015
Noon Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
Noon These Young Fools Noon Solutions Noon Iya Terra
12:35pm 12:35pm Lori Duckworth 12:35pm Rachel Kurtz
12:40pm Trista Okel 12:40pm Meagan Holt 12:40pm Melissa Hysom
12:45pm Jeremy Daw 12:45pm Vicca Thompson 12:45pm Martin Nickerson
12:50pm Joanna McKee 12:50pm Kurt Boehl 12:50pm Cyd Maurer
1:00pm Lit End 1:00pm Redwing Blackbirds 1:00pm Jahai
1:35pm Dave Seber 1:35pm Richard Lee 1:35pm Anthony Johnson
1:40pm Roger Tilton 1:40pm Ann Lee 1:40pm Ben Droz
1:45pm Dr. David Bearman 1:45pm DeMaris Strom 1:45pm
1:50pm Jorge Cervantes 1:50pm Ngaio Bealum 1:50pm Dale Rogers
2:00pm Mind Vice 2:00pm Gebular 2:00pm Hidden History
2:35pm Sierra Riddle 2:35pm Neil Juneja 2:35pm Suny Cheba
2:40pm Jeremy Moberg 2:40pm Brandon Krenzler 2:40pm Ben Livingston
2:45pm Alison Draisin 2:45pm Michael Scott 2:45pm Kat Bonsack
2:50pm David Rheins 2:50pm Doug McVay 2:50pm Martin Lee
3:00pm Samson Gets Me Lifted 3:00pm Warning: Danger! 3:00pm Delta Rose
3:35pm Joel Stanley 3:35pm Michael Krawitz 3:35pm Marcie Cooper
3:40pm Russ Belville 3:40pm Lindsey Rinhart 3:40pm Elvy Mussika
3:45pm Jerry Whiting 3:45pm Paul Stanford 3:45pm Ami Black
3:50pm Lisa Herbold 3:50pm Karl Keich 3:50pm Kyle Kushman
4:00pm Kutt Calhoun 4:00pm Witchburn 4:00pm Diamond Lane
4:35pm Rick Cusick 4:35pm Mikki Norris 4:35pm Joy Beckerman
4:40pm Ami Black 4:40pm Chris Conrad 4:40pm William Panzer
4:45pm Ed Forchion “NJWeedman” 4:45pm Aaron Pelley 4:45pm David Nott
4:50pm  Rolland Gregg 4:50pm Stinkbud 4:50pm Ed Rosenthal
5:00pm The Lights 5:00pm Free The Jester 5:00pm Sin Circus
5:35pm Wes Abney 5:35pm Jared Allaway 5:35pm Charlo Greene
5:40pm Dr. Jake Felice 5:40pm Kari Boiter 5:40pm Keith Saunders
5:45pm Shilo Murphy 5:45pm Rene Adams 5:45pm Adela Falk Wisdom
5:50pm Alison Holcomb 5:50pm Allison Bigelow 5:50pm Madeline Martinez
6:00pm Black Plastic Clouds 6:00pm Subconscious Culture 6:00pm Soblivios
6:35pm Yamileth Bolanos 6:35pm Farmer Tom Lauerman 6:35pm Casper Leitch
6:40pm Jedidiah Haney 6:40pm Magic Black 6:40pm Martin Martinez
6:45pm Urb Thrasher 6:45pm Kevin Oliver 6:45pm Ah Warner
6:50pm Kristen Flor 6:50pm Crystal Oliver 6:50pm Gloria Kalteich
7:00pm Fire Vs Time 7:00pm Protycal Octycal 7:00pm Twisting Fate
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes
Friday 8-14-15 Saturday 8-15-15 Sunday 8-16-15
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
10:00am Manos
Noon Park Opens 11:30am Land 11:30am Gel Sol
Noon Lunchmoney 12:30pm Erin O’Conner-Drew
12:30pm Hanssen
1:00pm Jason Curtis
1:30pm Xan Lucero 1:30pm Joe Bellingham
2:00pm Slantooth 2:30pm Karl Kamakahi  
2:30pm J-Sun
3:00pm Chaz Bizar 3:30pm Miles Mercer 3:00pm Kris Moon
4:00pm Akision
4:30pm Kinjo 4:30pm Luke Mandala
5:00pm O.S.C. Records – Twizted B.E.Z. & Yaudica    
5:30pm Stimmhalt
5:30pm Zachariah 5:30pm Gene Lee, Rob Noble & Michael Manahan
6:00pm Stank Dank and DJ Babel 6:30pm Andy Warren
7:00pm DJ Flav  
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes
Friday 8-14-2015 Saturday 8-15-2015 Sunday 8-16-2015
Noon Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
Noon DJ Competition Winner Noon DJ Competition Winner Noon DJ Competition Winner
1:00pm Jeromy Nail 1:00pm Sean Swanky
1:00pm TBA
2:00pm 2:00pm Patrick Seifert 2:00pm Jared Allaway
2:05pm Ben Livingston 2:05pm Adela Falk Wisdom 2:05pm Todd Arkley
2:10 Bitrate 2:10pm Penny Wilde Pupils 2:10pm Wheelz
3:10 Enzo 3:10pm Halo Refuser 3:10pm Physix
4:10pm Danica Noble 4:10pm Dale Rogers 4:10pm Sebastian DeRosia
4:20pm Sean Majors 4:20pm Lotus Drops 4:20pm Sir Kutz
5:20pm Metakinetik 5:20pm Hz Donut
5:20pm Paul Wheler
6:20pm Dot 6:20pm Soulular 6:20pm Ramiro
7:15pm Close Sharps 7:10pm Neil Juneja 7:10pm Ben Droz
7:15pm Homemade Weapons
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes