Seattle HEMPFEST® Protestival spans three Seattle waterfront parks: Centennial Park (North Entrance,) Myrtle Edwards Park (Central Entrance,) and Olympic Sculpture Park (South Entrance).


Seattle HEMPFEST® Protestival 2015 Map, Click On It!

Click on our new map and it’ll blow up.  You’ll be able to see which vending booths are sold and which are available.  Enhanced booths will provide you with the details of the person who’s vending in the booth.   You’ll see their address, website, and contact information, complete with a link to their web site.  You’ll be able to connect with all our vendors/attendees  all year long as once a booth is booked, if they chose to have it enhanced, we’ll keep the info up until we open vending again next year.

How do you get to HEMPFEST®?     

To access the North Entrance, cross the Amgen Pedestrian Bridge off of W Prospect Street. It has an elevator and is wheelchair accessible, placing the avid attendee just north of the Seattle HEMPFEST®event north entrance. There is very little parking at W Prospect Street. So your best bet is to walk, bike, or take a metro bus to that location. For example, take metro bus 18 to north entrance, and 15 to south entrance. There are many other Metro buses routes that can drop you at either entrance too. Bicycles should enter through the North entrance to utilize the bike racks.

The North entrance takes you to Seeley, DanceSafe, Bassdrop Music Village, & McWilliams Stages.  It’s a jam packed area that not only boasts 4 stages but a wide variety of vendors including the Ganja Garden’s Food Court. This is our least crowded entrance and an excellent way to start your Seattle HEMPFEST®Protestival adventure.

Our new entrance, The West Thomas St. Overpass,  is accessible at 3rd Ave W & W Harrison Streets, just west of Seattle Center.  This new entrance has great parking potential being just 4 blocks west of Key Arena.  It’ll take your right across the vehicle-laden Elliot & Western Avenues!  Take The West Thomas Street Overpass!

To access the South Entrance, along with tens of thousands of other people, enter the Olympic Sculpture Park on Alaskan Way W. Downtown Seattle has several parking garages. Attaching bikes to the fence at Olympic Sculpture Park is not allowed.  The line actually starts at on Elliott at Broad on the east side.  It then goes all the way down to Bay Street where we have monitored street crossing to the west side of Elliott where you’ll walk all the way back down to Broad street and down to Alaskan Way W.  This is the longest wait and walk to get into the Seattle HEMPFEST® Protestival.

Of course if your a Seattle HEMPFEST® Member  or require ADA entry, you cut the line!  Simply walk to the front of the Olympic Sculpture Park and look for the ADA/Member’s Entrance signs.  You’ll go get to go through the express lane and get almost immediate entry into the Seattle HEMPFEST® Protestival.

The Seattle HEMPFEST® Protestival’s PHYSICAL address at the park is: 3130 Alaskan Way W, Seattle, WA 98121 (Don’t try to mail something there, it is a park! Also, you can NOT drive into the park from that entrance, even if you are a vendor or a delivery).