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CNN IReport By Bonnie Fong

The Seattle HEMPFST® protestival is the largest cannabis event in the world and the largest event in the city of Seattle. In its 21 year, the HEMPFST® experience is bigger and better than ever before. The HEMPFST® footprint encompasses 3 parks along the Seattle waterfront and is in its second year as a 3 day event.


This year, Seattle HEMPFST® has gone through monumental changes. HEMPFST® now has a storefront in Seattle which serves as a hub for production of the event and will also be a retail store for hemp products. HEMPFST®central has become a necessary component to successfully produce this years event. Hempfest also has launched its new user friendly website in time for the event. And a new bridge in myrtle Edwards park creates a new change for the festival.


Seattle HEMPFST® has again succeeded in attracting a plethora of big name speakers such as travel writer rick steves, Judge Jim gray, harborside’s Steve Dangelo, city attorney Pete Holmes, representative Roger Goodman senator Jeanne kohl wehles.


HEMPFST® has become ever more relevant in this election year as Washington, Colorado, and Oregon all have legalization initiatives on the ballot.


Seattle HEMPFST® is fueled every year by over 1000 volunteers. These volunteers contribute to teams such as security, peace keeping, stage construction, fence coordination, staff kitchen, traffic, and countless others. Volunteers from all over the northwest return every year to work all day and night in the heat to produce Seattle HEMPFST®.


As HEMPFST® continues to grow every year, more volunteers, donations and work are needed to keep the event running smoothly. Organizer work year round to ensure this cannabis event free, fun and safe.


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