Seattle Hempfest would like to thank the following…

Seattle Hempfest Thank-you’s

THANK YOU to the greatest all volunteer staff in the world!

VIP members:
Anna Barrett, Antoinette Ridge, Ashley Franklin, Athena Livick, Benjamin & S. Wright, Bryan Knight, Carl Prothman, Carl Riley, Cathy Harry, Charles Ijadi, Chip Hamilton, Chris Guthrie, Clint Fisher, Dale Guthrie, Daryl Pelletier, David Mesford, David Tatelman, Dean Summers, Desiree Moore, Diana Campbell, Don Williams, Donatas Jasiulionis, Dr. James Lathrop, Emiel A. Kundi, Greg Logan, Jason Rohrback, Jennine Davis, Jeremy Reynolds, Joan Russo, John (Elvis) Huff, John DeFrancisco, John Votta, Jon Gettel, Jona Christoe, Joseph Rosenzweig, Joy Fischer, Julian Lorenzo, Justin Rigdon, Karma Hodges, Katie Johnson, Ken Mogul, Laura Healy, Leean Lester, Leigh Bralower, Leon Campbell, Les Johnson, Lindsay Leger, Luther Parker, Lydia Ensley, Maggie Fraiser, Mathew Weare, Matthew Burns, Matthew Morris, Megan Rike, Michael Franks, Michael Green, Michael Mcduffin, Michael Wanaka, Pamela Maples, Pamela Woodard, Paulette Gust, Ric Smith, Rick Jordan II, Ricky Troxell, Rik Holly, Robb Phillips, Robert Mason, Ron Messenger, Sean Paul Gonzales, Tara Sawyer, Terry Hoskins, Thomas Montante, Trevor Wagner, Tyler Johnson, Tyler Troutman.

And these awesome folks:
Grand Event Rentals, Hanson Brother’s Moving and Storage, Club Nectar, The Little Red Day Spa, Tony B. and Musica Entertainment, Katie at The Stranger, Alexandria at KPTK AM 1090, Christine at Seattle Weekly, Brad at Sonic Bids dot com, Michael Kleinman and Leslie Cabarga, L.L. Bennett, the crew at Fed Ex/Kinkos on 45th NE, Kevin at G and H Printing, Jeff at Keep Posted, Birdie at Windward Press, Cory and Catska Ench, Star at Hollywood Lights, Clear Wireless, Sherry Radio Goddess, Studio Instrument Rentals of Seattle, Don Bennett Drum Studios of Bellevue, NAF Productions of Seattle, TommySound, Northwest Stage and Sound of Tacoma, American Voice Mail, Doug and the Seattle Police Department, The Port of Seattle Police Department, Joanne and the Seattle Special Events Committee, Jeff and the Seattle Parks Department, Tom and Janet and the Seattle Fire Marshall’s Office, Seattle Medic One, Skip and Marie Jensen at Post Industrial Press, F C Bloxom , Field Roast Grain Meat Co., Lucky Palate Vegetarian Meal Service, Island Spring Organics, Mighty O’s, Hemp I Scream, Ballard Brothers , Kornman of Washington, Morning Glory Chai, Wilson, Seattle Cake Pop, Manitoba Harvest,

Our Legal Team:
Fred Diamondstone, Doug Hiatt, Charlie Commeree, Rachel Kurtz, Don Wirthshafter.

A very special thank you to everyone who respects and protects our neighbors, these three beautiful parks, and the businesses that are around them. We really want to make a good impression, and you help us make that happen.

Thank-you all for your support. We couldn’t do this without you!