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Elizabeth Bishop

Jimmy Romans First Blog Post (POW420 Sponsored)

I was able to see my parents & my oldest daughter last Sat. It is always great to see them. I love my family so much. My parents just recently returned from visiting my sister in California for the Holidays. I remember when all of the family would get together at my house to celebrate […]

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top 3 vape pens

When a marijuana smoker finally gets fed up with pipes and bongs and the lung damage that comes with them, they begin to show a deep interest in portable vape pens as a solution for their current dilemma.  Many newcomers find it extremely challenging to select the right products when they are first getting started […]

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Links To Washington’s Cannabis Bills

We spent an awesome day in Olympia yesterday registering attendees to the ASA Medical Cannabis Lobby Day. Unlike last year, I found legislators eager to hear what I thought of the two major competing medical bills, SB 5052 & SB 5519. Today HB 1698 was introduced which throws a third medical dispensary model in the […]

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Don’t Drink the Blame it on Medical Marijuana Kool-Aid.

My name is Sharon Whitson and I’m the General Manager of Seattle Event’s A Non Profit Corporation, the producers of Seattle Hempfest, Hempfest Business, & Hempfest Central. Let’s talk about why I502 is faltering and instead of drinking the blame it on medical marijuana kool-aid we’re going to evaluate some facts. First a history lesson.  […]

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George Martorano

Gray America – George Martorano’s First Hempfest Blog

His eyes opened.  His nose smells.  His right hand reaches out and runs along the cell wall.  He feels pain in his lower back.  He breathes in the years and exhales within his mind.  He begins to pull, push, struggle himself upright on the prison bunk.  He lifts one leg, then the other and his […]

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